privacy policy

Basic Policy


Shinka Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shinka”, “we”) thoroughly recognizes the importance of Personal Information as a matter of privacy, and will ensure that all managers and employees comply with laws and internal regulations when handling it. We will handle Personal Information in our possession appropriately and keep it safe and in its best condition, including when handling its disposal.


  1. Handling Personal Information
    We will collect Personal Information that is necessary for conducting business by lawful and fair means.
  2. Shinka’s Use of Personal Information
    We will collect Personal Information including but not limited to your name, email address, and home address with your consent when replying to your inquiries and consultations. Keeping your Personal Information secure is a serious responsibility, and we shall use it to fulfill our contract and convey useful information to you.
  3. Disclosing Personal Information to Third Parties
    We shall respect your privacy and take great care to protect your Personal Information. All acquired Personal Information will be used within the contract’s scope, and will not be used for purposes outside of the contract, nor will it be provided or disclosed to a third party without your prior consent. However, we will disclose your Personal Information without your prior consent, in the following cases:

    (1)When disclosure is required by law.
    (2)If you had given prior consent to disclose your Personal Information.

  4. Security
    We shall appoint a Personal Information Manager to have access to and maintain your Personal Information. We shall take appropriate and strict preventive measures to protect your Personal Information.
  5. Changes and Notifications
    The contents of our Privacy Policy are subject to change without prior notice. As we will not be able to contact you when making such changes, please refer to the latest contents of this page.
  6. Photography During Live Performances and Events
    Shinka may take photos or record videos of events (Noh lessons, workshops, live performances, etc.) that we host. We may then use these photos and video recordings for our pamphlets, website, blog and social media. If you wish to not be included in these recordings, please let us know before attending any events.


Date of enactment: December 1, 2019

Shinka Co., Ltd.
Noriko Kii, representative Director


Please use the following contact information to make an inquiry on your Personal Information in our possession, update it, have us delete it, file a complaint or find out more about our Privacy Policy.
3-6-1 Hatanodai Shinagawa, Tokyo 142-0064
Telephone: 090-4703-6989(cell)