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Holding The First Shinka Noh Performance


The First Noh Performance Produced by Shinka Society

Noh play“Sumida-gawa River”

Pass on the Noh Way of Embracing – Mother’s love, deeply seated in the heart –




Dec 6, 2020 (Sun) 12:00~ (Doors open at 11:00/End of show at 15:00)



Hosho Noh Theater
1-5-9 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033



  • Commentary Music in Noh play “Sumida-gawa River”
  • Mai-bayashi Miwa
    Shite:Takeda Takashi
    Jiutai chorus:Asakurta Toshiki
    Fue (Flute) :Fujita Takahiro Kotsuzumi (Shoulder Drum) :Morisawa Yuji Otsuzumi (Hip Drum) :Haraoka Kazuyuki Taiko (Stick Drum) :Kotera Masato
  • Kyogen
    Shite:Nomura Mansaku
  • Noh
    Sumida-gawa River
    Shite:Imai Yasuyuki
    Waki:Tonoda Kenkichi Kokata:Mizukami Yoshi
    Jiutai chorus:Kanai Yusuke
    Fue (Flute):Tsukitaku Satoshi Kotsuzumi (Shoulder Drum):Ko Shingo Otsuzumi (Hip Drum):Yasufuku Mitsuo


Available on and after Monday February 10


Ticket Fees

Front seat ¥10,000
Front seat & Side seat ¥9,000
Middle seat ¥7,000
Unreserved seat ¥4,000

Including tax


  • Information both in Japanese and in English will be available at the venue. For specific reasons, the contents of the program are subject to change.
  • After the performance, a party with Noh players will be held in the lobby. First come first served; only 50 persons. ¥2,000, with one free drink.



Leaflet for Noh performances (PDF) can be viewed here

→ Noh play “Sumida-gawa River”


flyer:The First Noh Performance Produced by Shinka Society flyer:The First Noh Performance Produced by Shinka Society



The seating chart for the Noh theater (PDF) can be viewed here

→ Hosho Noh Theater: Seating chart


sheating chart:Hosho Noh Theater




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