The goal of Shinka is to pass on the heritage of the Noh Way

It is often said that "Being Japanese, I want to see a Noh play at least once, but there is so much depth and complexity..."
“Noh seems difficult and makes me sleepy.”

Unlike many other styles of theater, Noh not only celebrates the story, but also features fascinating singing and dancing, touching the audience with its beauty, and Noh creates a different world of characters delicately portrayed by the Noh masks.

The unique “atmosphere” that flows inside the Noh theater is where the audience can feel Noh themes such as “life and death” and “the preciousness of life;” the overall effect is one of deep calm. This feeling is called "soul caring." Noh theater has accomplished its mission if it heals and transports the viewer away from the realities of life, if even for just awhile.
It is our great pleasure to present the “Noh Way” so that you too can experience the “love,” “prayer” and “purifying of heart” that the Noh Way can provide.

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