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The 4th Shinka Noh Atsumori



The 4rd Noh Performance Produced by Shinka Society

Noh play “Atsumori”

Pass on the Noh Way of Embracing
Jealousy, Passion, Love, Faith …




Jul. 2, 2023 (Sun.) 14:00~(Doors open at 13:00/End of show at 16:00)



Minatogawajinja Shinnoden Kobe-city
3-1-1 Tamondori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0015



Outline of Story “Atsumori”

It tells the story of the reunion of the ghost of Atsumori, a young warrior who lost his life in the Battle of Ichinotani, and Kumagai Jiro Naozane, who killed him.
Naozane took the head of Atsumori, who was 16 or 17 years old, about the same age as his own child, but took this opportunity to enter
the priesthood and become Rensho Hosshi.
The first half begins with a scene in which Rensho Hosshi, who mourns Atsumori’s soul, meets Atsumori’s ghost.
The second half of the play expresses the fate of the Heike clan’s downfall, memories of playing with the orchestra in the Heike camp
on the eve of the battle, and the scene when Atsumori was killed.
Atsumori and Rensho Hosshi, who had been enemies during their lifetimes, eventually became “Friends of Buddhist laws”, depicting the
joy of being freed from loneliness and gaining mutual friends.



  • Commentary
    ASAHARA Hiroki
  • Kyogen Kaminari
    Shite:OGASAWARA Tadashi
    Ado:IZUMI Shinya
  • Noh Atsumori
    Shite:TATSUMI Manjiro
    Tsure:YAMADA Shohei, SHINBO Masahiro, MURAI Iori
    Waki:HARA Masaru
    Ai:OGASAWARA Tadashi


  • Information both in Japanese and in English will be available at the venue. For specific reasons, the contents of the program are subject to change.



Ticket Fees

Front seat ¥8,000
Front seat & Side seat ¥6,000
Middle seat ¥5,000
Student ticket Middle seat ¥3,000

Including tax



Leaflet for Noh performances (PDF) can be viewed here

→ Noh play “Atsumori”


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