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The 5th Shinka Noh Shinkan



The 5th Shinka Noh Performance Produced by Shinka Society

Noh Shunkan

Pass on the Noh Way of Embracing
Jealousy, Passion, Love, Faith …



Dec. 3, 2023 (Sun.)14:00~(Doors open at 13:00/End of show at 16:00)



Hosho Noh Theater
60 1-5-9 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033



Outline of Story “Shunkan”
Noh Shunkan is based on the tragedy of the priest Shunkan depicted
in the Tale of the Heike, which has influenced many other traditional performing arts, including Kabuki.
Shunkan, along with his comrades Fujiwara no Naritsune and Taira
no Yasuyori, were exiled to Kikai Island in the domain of Satsuma for the crime of plotting to overthrow the Taira clan. Despite the miserable state, he found small happiness in the life he spent with his comrades.
Then comes the amnesty officer to the Island with the good news.
However, the letter of pardon does not include Shunkan’s name.
Shunkan clings to the officer on the boat carrying the two ardoned exiles, and his deep feelings of despair are expressed through extremely restrained forms and Utai (Noh song).



  • Commentary
    TAKEMOTO Mikio
    MATSUNOYA Hachiko

  • Kyogen
    Kane no ne
    Shite:OGASAWARA Tadashi
    Ado:YAMASHITA Koichiro

  • Noh
    Shite:KANAI Yusuke
    Tsure:TOYAMA Junji / KANAI Kenro
    Waki:TATEDA Yoshihiro
    Ai:OGASAWARA Tadashi


  • Information both in Japanese and in English will be available at the venue. For specific reasons, the contents of the program are subject to change.



Ticket Fees

Front seat ¥10,000
Front seat & Side seat ¥9,000
Middle seat ¥7,000
Unreserved seat & Student seat ¥4,000

Including tax


  • After the performance, a party with Noh players will be held in the lobby. First come first served; only 50 persons. ¥2,000, with one free drink.


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Leaflet for Noh performances (PDF) can be viewed here

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The 5th Shinka Noh Shinkan The 5th Noh Performance Produced by Shinka Society




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